Why Celebrate Your Award

Marketers trust PARS to help them make the most of the coverage they receive.


You’ve just been named a Top Workplace! Now make the most of your award designation. What Top Workplaces and our media partners say about your company matters! Including the Top Workplaces badge along with a quote, accolade or other related content in your advertising and marketing literature, sales material, newsletters, trade show, hiring and recruiting material or website significantly enhances your message and lends valuable credibility to your company, product or service.


The Benefits

Broadcast your employee brand

Our media partners recognize Top Workplaces in a special feature while we celebrate them on topworkplaces.com.

Impress clients (and competitors)

Your customers want to work with the best, and the best sport our badge. Plus, it makes your competition jealous!

Engage your employees

“I work for a Top Workplace!” Our engagement survey makes employees proud and helps them feel heard.

Start important conversations

Our introductory survey report serves as a snapshot of your organizational health – and identifies potential blindspots.


PARS can license proper use of the Top Workplaces badge along with article reprints, excerpts, quotes and more in accordance with industry and publisher guidelines quickly and cost effectively.

The PARS team stays current on publisher policies as well as changing copyright laws ensuring that you can make the most of your prestigious award.  Contact a representative today to discuss your needs and find a solution that is tailored to meet them.